Infant Program
A safe, secure “Home away from Home” for your infant

A safe, secure “Home away from Home” for your infant

Each child is unique and deserves to cared for in a warm, safe and caring environment.  A place where cuddle time is an important part of each day. A place where children are read to, listened to and allowed to freely explore the world around them. 
We are more than just a t;infant childcare center, our teachers work to develop the skills each child will need as they move through life. The first year of life infants develop faster than any other room. Our infant room is filled with toys and books to help each child learn at their own pace. 
While there are a variety of learning activities through out each day here are just a few examples. 
Providing objects for each child to pick up and hold in order to develop fine motor skills.
Providing  cause and effect material/opportunities to help learn that certain behaviors bring the same responses
Providing a safe space for rolling, crawling, pulling up, standing and finally walking.
Talking with each child through out the day so they can develop communication skills, recognize and respond to verbal language.
Encourage vocalizing, babbling and forming sound combinations
Individual attention, close supervision and responsive care giving are critical to future development
This is just a short list of learning opportunities our teachers provide each day.
Our teachers work with the parents to develop each child's schedule in relation to sleeping and eating. .  Communication  with parents is an important part of our infant program. We communicate with parents at drop off and pick up, through our parent portal at kid reports, email and phone calls. 
We believe a great start to life will instill a love of learning and children who are capable of moving forward with confidence in themselves and trust in those around them. 

    Check list:

    Blanket for nap time

    Pacifier if needed

    2-3 labeled bottles

    Spare change of clothing, labeled.