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A safe, secure “Home away from Home” for your infant

A safe, secure “Home away from Home” for your infant

At Come Learn with Me, your baby will get the best care. Our infant room is a safe environment for your babyiy to explore and play. regular communication between teachers & parents

A variety of activities from quiet to stimulating. Activities which will assist in each child’s development

    Creative Curriculum, WMELS and a calendar of themes the activities are based on

    Lesson guides/plans for each child's developmental needs: Sensory/Auditory/Large muscle/Visual

    Teachers keep portfolios of your child's growth and develop and complete a progress report on each child. These are given to parents in September, January and May of each year.

      Our caregivers will:

      Give each child individual attention throughout the day

      Be consistent with your child’s care

      Record your child’s daily feedings, naps and diapering information

      Provide fun and stimulating activities appropriate and planned for each specific infants development.

      Each day they will ask you several questions to help us take better care of your child.

      Check list:

      Blanket for nap time

      Pacifier if needed

      2-3 labeled bottles

      Spare change of clothing, labeled.

      Our Center:

      Provides Formula, cereal and food

      Provides diapers and wipes

      Offers a small home like center with personalized care

      Strives to partner with the parent, working together on growing, learning and developing.