Current Fees

Current Fees

Full day fees
under 2 two and three       four and five six - twelve SA
1-2 hrs
1 64 55 45 41 15
2 112 97 80 73 26
3 161 139 114 104 37
4 209 180 148 135 48
5 255 220 181 165 58

part time rates
under 2 two and three four and five six - twelve SA
1 48 41 34 31 23
2 84 73 60 55 40
3 120 104 86 78 57
4 157 135 111 102 75
5 191 165 135 124 91

Hourly Care(child is here less than 1 hr per day). Is not available

Discounts available (if W2 or another source pays part of your childcare your discounts only apply to the portion you actually pay)

  1. A multi-child discount of 5% is applied to each child’s tuition.

  2. Anniversary discount 1% per year of attendance

  3. Monthly payments- (your weekly rate will by mulitiplied times 4 and then 10% reduction)10% per payment

Extra fees:--

  1. Registration fee of $25.00 per family is due when you first enroll. Registration fee is nonrefundable.--

  2. A yearly fee of $15 is due each July

  3. A $40.00 NSF is charged for any checking account or EFT reversals due to funds not being available.

  4. A $20.00 late fee is assessed if you account shows a balance on Tuesday- or day of scheduled payment.

  5. Summer program/Field trips prices vary you will be notified in advance of all fees.

  6. The center closes at 9:00 pm a late fee of $1.00 per minute/child is charged when your child is in our care past 9:05

  7. Signing in and out each day is required. A charge of $5.00 per time/child will be added to your account each time you fail to do this.

  8. Clothing borrowed and not returned $1.00 per item

  9. Other fees may be charged with prior notice to the families.

Other information

  1. Variations in schedules are figured on an individual basis.

  2. If a rotating schedule or off school day you will be billed for the days scheduled and you will be required to pay that amount

  3. Review your account by Friday morning (we will post next weeks charges on Thursday of each week_of each week make sure you agree with the amounts posted, all credits are issued and drop in or extra days are charged. You may do this when you sign your child in or out for the day. select the accounting tab after you have signed in on the check in computer, notify the director immediately if there is a problem or question. As Tuition Express will be run each Monday morning

  4. Make a payment under accounting tab.

  5. Parents are responsible for calling the center when their child is absent-the center will attempt to reach you and find out if the child is coming in.

  6. You will receive two times you child/ren schedule, in vacation/absent credit. A vacation request needs to be turned in 1 week prior to vacation in order to receive credit.

  7. Changes in tuition will take place the week following an age change.

  8. All Diapers/Wipes/Pull-ups are included in weekly Tuition

  9. All infant formula, cereal and jar food as well as breakfast, lunch and pm,late snack and dinner is included in all tuition.

  10. W2 parents are required to make payments if W2 is not up and current. You are also responsible for the balance due (between what W2 pays and what the center charges) and any other charges(field trips/late fees).

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