Enrollment of a child

Enrollment of a child


Parents/ guardians may call or stop in for a tour of the center. When touring the center parents/ guardians will receive a folder containing all center information and basic information regarding the program their child will be in. When the decision to enroll has been made a non-refundable registration fee will need to be paid in order to secure the child’s spot and receive the enrollment packet. Spots will not be held for more than 30 days without approval from the director.

The following paperwork must be completed and on file on the first day of attendance or the child may not attend.

Child Enrollment Form

This form contains all the basic information for the child who is enrolling in the center. It is this form we use to create each child's computer enrollment page.

Health History Form

Each child shall have a healthy history form on file. The information shall be entered into the computer and printed out for each classroom to have. If any child has issues those items shall be highlighted and staff verbally told of the conditions. Also a note shall be posted in each room regarding the items on the health history which need attention. This shall be posted in such a spot to be private and only for the eyes of the staff. This form will need to be updated every 6 months.

Emergency card

This card gives us the basic information needed in case of an emergency. Please make sure all information is accurate.

Authorized pick up list

List any and all people who are authorized to pick up your child. Remember to include yourself or the staff will not be allowed to release the child to you. This is for your child's safety.

Food Program contract

Complete with your child's normal hours and normal meals filled out. It is OK if the times are approximate. If your child is a rotater list any day they may come. If hours vary mark any meal they may have and make a note in the note section.

Food program income statement

As we are on the federal food program we need income information on each family. This information is keep confidential. Please fill out the form completely.

Information/Intake form

Intake form for children under 2 or Personal information sheet for children over 2 are forms that will help your child's teacher take the best care possible of your child. For children under 2 we have you update every 3 months at a minimum

Photo Permission

We take photos of the children during the day. The photo permission slip gives us permission or if you choose prohibits photos in several different areas. Posting around the center, on the website or in other areas.

Tuition Express

Tuition express is an easy way to ensure payments are made on a regular schedule. There are several ways this can be done. Through a regular draw on your checking account. Only when you notify me of amount (giving me a check which I return), through regular debit/charge or by swiping you debit/credit card. Even if you do not want to use tuition express I still need to to sign the form and mark not interested.

Schedule/Payment contract

Each family needs to sign a payment contract. This contract is based on the information provided on the schedule. All parents will be responsible for the amounts listed on the contract. If an outside agency is paying part of the fees you are still responsible if the agency does not pay. Each child will need to have a schedule. These will be the hours we expect your child to attend the center. The days and hours you will be billed for each week. If a rotater you will also fill out the rotating form.

Special forms

Formula/ infant feeding authorization (infants)

We need information to ensure we are giving your infant the food you want us to provide. We do provide formula, cereal and jar food for the infants, however you as the parent may want something we do not provide and so we need to have the necessary information from you.

School transport (school age- either center van or school bus)

For children who attend school we need permission for their transportation. Whether it be by center van or school bus we need permission and information to ensure each child is transported to the proper location safely.

If Rotating schedule- rotating agreement

Some children attend on a rotating schedule. If your child's vary each week we need a basic schedule and an agreement to let us know the days and hours each week. There is a $5.00 per week charge for rotating schedules.

    Physicals and immunizations records

    All children are required to have on file within 30 days of enrolling an update list of all immunizations and a signed physical form. The physical may not be more than 6 months prior to admission. If this paper work is not turn in the child may be excluded until the forms are turn in or there may be a charge to the parents. Children under the age of two must have this form updated every 6 months. Children over the age of two must have this form updated every two years. Immunization records must be on file and current as the child receives each set of shots.

    Items to be supplied by the parent/guardian

    • A blanket for napping

    • Complete change of clothing (socks, underwear, shirt, pants) appropriate for the weather

    • Formula if not on the centers “will provide list”

    • Infants need to have a minimum of 2 labeled bottles at the center at all times.

    • Any food or drink items needed for special diet/ along with a medical slip from the doctor, stating what the child is to have and why

    Items to be supplied by the center

    • A cot/mat/crib for each child’s nap/rest time

    • Diapers/pull-ups/wipes

    • Breakfast, lunch and snack daily

    • Infant formula/cereal and jar food

    • All educational materials and supplies needed

    Attendance Policy

    If your child has been out for more than ten (10) days without the center hearing from you, the center we will assume that you have withdrawn from the program. If you contact us after this time period to continue in the center, we will accommodate you if space is available and a re-entry fee will be charged. When you enroll your child you are asked to fill out a registration that states the hours you need child care. It is extremely important that you adhere to this schedule. We plan our staffing schedule around this information and need to maintain adequate teacher-child ratios at all times. If you need extra child care services, please fill out a schedule change form, If we have space available, we will try to accommodate your needs. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the center of any changes in work, home or emergency phone numbers, work schedules or any additional authorized individuals who may pick up your child.

    Attendance methods

    Each day staff member will employ several methods to keep track of your children. Each classroom has a notebook. In this note book the teachers record who is in their care. Children are added and crossed off thru out the day as children enter and leave. These notebooks are taken on the playground, field trips or any where the class goes. By keeping these books current teachers can know at all times who is in their care. Teachers also have attendance books where they mark who attends each day. Parents (or who ever drops off and picks up)signs the children in and out each day on the computer . This tells the center what time your child arrives and leaves. It helps us in monitoring who is in the center and who has not yet arrived


    All authorized pick up and drop off individuals shall have a bio print taken. This print is tied to our computer program and is used only for signing children in and out of the center each day and for not other purpose

    Drop off/Sign in & Absence Policy

    Parents and other authorized individuals must bring the child(ren) directly into the center and sign the child(ren) in. If your child(ren) will be absent from school, please contact us so that we are not waiting for them on those days. All absences require same day notification. Not signing your child(ren) in can result in additional fees and/or your child being withdrawn from the program

    Pick up/Sign out Policy

    Children in the child care program must be signed out by the parent or by another authorized individual approved by the parent. Parents must list authorized individuals that can remove their child from the child care site by submitting names on the emergency contact/authorized pick up list. If staff does not recognize the person picking up the child, that individual will be asked and is required to present a photo ID. If this information is not available, the child will not be permitted to leave the site. In an emergency, if a parent needs to have their child picked up by an unauthorized person (not listed on the release form), the parent is required to call and speak to the Head Teacher/Site Supervisor and describe the person who will be picking up the child. The staff will fill out a verbal request pick up form and call the parent back. This ensures that it is the parent who is calling and authorizing the change. The next time the parent comes into the center they will be asked to sign this verbal authorization form. This individual will be required to present a picture ID. If there are any doubts as to who is picking up a child, the parent or emergency contact person will be contacted for more information before releasing the child. Not signing your child(ren) out can result in additional fees and your child(ren) being withdrawn from the program

    Late Pick up Policy

    While we understand that emergencies do arise, we request that parents keep in mind the 6:30 p.m. closing time. Our late pick-up policy charge is $1.00 per minute, per child, past closing time, based on the clock on the computer. If your child is not picked up by 7:00 p.m. and you have not contacted us, the police will be called to resolve the situation. Continuous tardiness will result in your child being withdrawn from the program.

    Vacancy/Waiting List Policy

    We accept children on a first-come, first-serve basis. If space is not available, we will put names on a waiting list on a first come, first serve basis. We will call parents back in the order they are put on the waiting list.


    Full time attends 5 days per week, between five and ten hours per day

    Part time attends a minimum of two half days per week

    School age attend either before/after school or both

    Off day a school age child who only attends when school is closed

    Rotating different days/times each week with a minimum of two half days per week,

    A child may be enrolled for any schedule as long as it is stated in the contract. Schedule changes including off days must be given to the director (may be placed in payment box) one week prior to change. Additional charges will be added to your next bill.

    Withdrawal Policy

    A Written Notice Two weeks Prior to Withdrawal is Required when withdrawing from our child care program. Parents wishing to withdraw their child, and fail to provide a two-week notice, will be still be responsible for paying for the last 2 weeks even if the child (ren) are not attending. . Withdrawal and subsequent re-enrollment will entail a re-entry fee. In a family emergency, please contact the Director who may approve an exception.

    Child/Family behavior related Termination Policy

    When the threat of risk or injury cannot be eliminated or reduced, it may become necessary to terminate the child from our program. This decision will be based on the judgment of the Director and staff members involved in caring for the child’s well being in our program. When termination occurs, it may be immediate based on the severity of the child’s behaviors(recorded on behavior reports) or a reasonable amount of time may be given to the parent to find alternative child care. We will attempt to assist the family with recommendations and appropriate resources for alternative care.

    Family's can be terminated for, but not limited to the following reasons.

    • Aggressive act on part of parent toward another parent, child or a staff member.

    • Verbal abuse of a parent toward another parent, child or a staff member.

    The director will discuss the behavior with the parent and if it can not be resolved the family may be terminated.

    There may be a yearly revision to this handbook and the accompanying contract. All families will sign a new contract each year. Rates may also change either in January or September. We reserve the right to make changes in rates and policies as we deem necessary. You will be notified, in writing, of any changes that may occur. Every attempt will be made to give at least two weeks notice of changes.


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