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Our 3K/4K offers small classes and individualized attention

Our 3K/4K offers small classes and individualized attention

Our Program Features:

A place where your child can learn and grow at their own pace

Regular communication between teachers and parents

Daily group activities

Lesson plans are based upon Creative Curriculum, WMELS and a calendar of themes

There is individual learning time where the children work and learn at their own level

Socialization- playing and working together

Language Development- thru the use of listening to and telling stories, singing songs, talking and listening to others

Eye-hand Coordination activities such as puzzles, legos, learning computer games

Color Awareness- color of the month, color art, finding color all around

Small Muscle Control- manipulative, pre-writing skills

Number Concepts- Pre-math skills, the number of the month, basic counting activities

Letter Recognition- the letter of the week, letter people, Pre-reading skills

Shape Recognition- the shape of the month, finding real objects that have that shape

Listening Skills-circle time, group time, listening for instructions

Pre-writing skills- working on the motions required for printing,


Teachers keep portfolios of your child's growth and develop and complete a progress report on each child. These are given to parents in September, January and May of each year.


Our Caregivers will:

Give each child individual attention throughout the day

Be consistent with your child’s care

Keep track of your child’s growth and development

Prepare your child for 4K

Check list:

Blanket for nap time

         Spare change of clothing, labeled.

Our Center:

Offers small home like center with personalized care
Strives to partner with the parent, working together on growing, learning and developing.