About Us

Come Learn with Me began as an idea. 

  Wendy Peterson had always dreamed of opening their own childcare center.   Along with her Friend Sheryl, Wendy had worked for a variety of childcare programs and knew that they had wanted a small family friendly center. 
The first attempt as a very small building that just did not work for a child care center. However it taught us many things about what to look for in a center space
The second attempt was nearly a success. The building was large, there were 2 apartments that could be rented out to help off set costs.  Everything was moving along and then a terrible event happened in the country.  The country was attacked on 9/11. The bank was not sure what was happening so the funding fell through. That seemed like the end of the dream. We did not know if we could go through the heartbreak of losing another building. We were about to give up, thinking maybe their dream was not meant to be. Sheryl was driving down Greenfield Ave and saw that a daycare she had once worked at had closed.  She called the owner to see what she was doing with the space.

As luck would have it she had not made any decisions, We had our daycare building  It was meant to be as after several months of negations the building was theirs our dream was coming true.

In January 2004 Come Learn with Me opened it's doors. This was just the beginning we begam to grow the business. to gain the trust of the community.

  With our dream of having our own center a reality our passion for education of children a place to take hold and grow.

After several years we decided we wanted to expand, to open the back of the building and add another classroom. We began the process and disaster happened. On our way to the center for a staff day tragedy struck and our car was struck by a speeding truck. Having a great staff in place helped us get through this rough time and we were able to resume the remodel and open up the back of the building.
In 2017 some challenges to our center familiy came into play. Sheryl Resigned as Administrator and Wendy took over Leadership of the center. 
Come Learn with Me remains committed to excellence in both the care and education fo young children.

Today Come Learn with Me offers small class sizes, individualized and personalized education as well as a safe fun learning environment for all children.

We hire staff who have the same passion and love of children that we have.

Teachers who will help each child learn and grow through play.